End of Semester

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have not been updating, it’s been getting really crazy around finals but I thought I would do a quick update of what I’ve been up to.

Last night I worked on my Animation Final for class, and even though I did not animate all that I wanted to, I’m still happy with what I have so far. Now I only animated part of my final, the rest is the animatic but over the winter I plan to keep adding to it.

Now speaking of cool animations (Hey, I think my animation is pretty cool) here are some animations I have been watching lately.

Here is a fun short I found on Cartoon Brew and I love it’s story and style! Not to mention the colors are really sweet

Here is another pretty animation with a more “serious” tone, although I did giggle at the one teen/hipster-isk moment where the two main characters turn and stare passively into the horizon. But the music and colors are really sweet in this video!

And to end this blog I’ll leave you with a really weird, funny animation that I’m sure many have seen. But I’ve been jamming out to this song a whole lot during studio for some reason and want to share it.


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