ANIM History_05

What have these weeks of animating taught me?

For one, they have made me use structural limits on my art, these limits being proportion, size, in order to properly portray the object I am animating. (especially the human figure!)

I have also seen a change in the way I view time and how it’s played out, this being caused by the sheer act of animating time passing in a believable way. With hand drawing animation I realized how long some actions take, and the number of pages I  use with each animation reflect this. If I do not have enough frames I find that the animation goes by very fast, even if each frame is a subtle change from one position to the next. What I’m currently trying to do is to make my animations last longer, which means I need to do more in between to really exaggerate and make the animated action be more natural.

Which brings me to my next discovery, that being that you can never really exaggerate enough in animation (or at least I have not done so yet). Each time I have done an extremely exaggerate key frame, I always though it would be too intense in the end animation, but I often find that the “exaggeration” I made was really subtle. I want to find where the breaking point of exaggeration is so I can find the edge of over and under-exaggertation which will help me with future projects.


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