ANIME History_04

Is animation art?

Now this is a tricky question, for there are many to ways to even categorize what art is. To me though art is a expression of the self through the use of a physical (or digital) medium. Whether it be through drawing or writing art is the clear expression of person’s thought.

Now does this make animation art? For me it makes animation art, for animation will clearly tell a person a story, and a story starts out as a though or idea from someone’s head.

What animation is to art is a way to express not only an idea through a medium, but many views of that idea in motion. Animation breaths life and soul into frames of a film, it creates pure imagination on the page. Each frame must be carefully thought about and put into a proper succession or else the end result will be a complicated film that cannot communicate with the viewer.

Yet there is still some parts of animation that make me somewhat question if it is art, the fact that some animation was made to suit an industry. I am speaking of the animations that were producted for the sake of being made, the one’s almost formulated to make an end profit. Can one still consider these art? Or are they just another commodity mass produced for the public?

To answer this one must question how well these “factory-line” animation stand up to the test of time. Personally, without this course in animation history I wonder if my own personal love and curiosity towards animation would have led me to view these works, or would I have skipped them to view the greater masterpieces of that time?

For art in the end is always facing the test of time, if the piece truly reflects the thoughts and events of the time, then it will hold meaning and stay as a pillar stone of that time and a part of history.

Animation to me has withstood that test of time and has influenced so much, that I repeat:

Animation is Art.


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