ANIM History_01

What is Animation?

To me animation is art, its entertainment, its technique, and it’s my life.

I happen to be one of those children that was baby-sat by the Television, my twin and I would spend hours in front of the T.V. watching and re-watching movies, cartoons, and local television.

For days in a row we would watch the same Disney movie over and over again, trying to somehow find a way to get deeper into the story and characters than before. Today things have not really changed much in that sense, every time I watch a new film or animation I will first sit back and enjoy the visuals, the ascetics, and the music, but then I start to try to deconstruct the plot, the characters, the editing and the themes used throughout the movie.

Animation for me today is being able to explore what may not exist in reality to the fullest extent possible, a chance to see what the human mind has the capability to create.

Animation is a way to take a moment and deconstruct it, edit it, define it and remake it again. This process hopefully lets other people know how lovely some moments can be, and how fast they can fade.

Yet animation is still Illusion, it’s trickery, it’s shortcuts, it’s getting people to attach themselves to a character that never existed. Yet I have never seen anyone get mad at being fooled by a movie.

Animation to me is letting people see through another eyes, not only in a design sense, but in a more selective sense as well. When people view animations, they are looking at how another mind walks throughout a location, or how another person thinks and feels.


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