Character Bio – Rick Mannin

• Fast-Food Worker
• Tough
• Large Teeth

– Name: Rick Mannin
– Age: 23
– Single
– Family: Both parents alive and living far away in Florida. Has a younger sister who is a freshman in College in Florida living with their parents.

– Profession: Works as a full time fast-food worker at Big Burger
– Education: Dropped out of High School his junior year after he was fed up with the amount of homework and registration he was supposed to do. However, his parents would not give him the money to move to California unless he got his G.E.D. so he got it and then left to work/live in California.

– Relationship to parents: He doesn’t hate his parents, but they annoy him and whenever he is at their house they try to control and meddle in all aspects of his personal life. So he prefers to live far, far away from them in order to have a “good speaking relationship” with them. They are Christian Republicans so every one of their views is what Rick is against.

– Relationship to Friends: Has his own group of friends in California that was the reason for him moving there, they share a large, run-down house and throw parties in it on the weekends. Whenever they are together they act like college, party, students and dare each other to do stupid things.

– Moral / political / religious values: Atheist; after a lifetime of his parents taking him to church he has a severe lack of faith and believes in no God or religion. It never helped him out when he was in trouble as a kid so why should he care?

– Hobbies: Collect all the alcohol bottles he buys and drinks and places them along the shelves of his room. He is also an amateur mechanic that works on fixing up his and his friend’s cars and bikes.

– Where do they live: California
– How do they live: Eventually Canada (after he has traveled around the U.S. for a little while)
– How do they want to live: He wants to live off of part-time jobs and just collect bikes. He doesn’t ever really want to live in a house so he will just keep moving from apartment to apartment whenever he gets bored with a place.

– What their goals in live: He wants to one day afford a Coventry Eagle Flying Royal Eagle bike,

which cost around 120000. He also never wants to live in a area for more than 2 years at a time.

– What are their dreams: To find a part time job that is actually a entertaining and enriching job. So far he has not found it working in the food industry.

– What are their fears: He is scared of goats.

– What their biggest obstacles in life: Dealing with the limitations of a minimum wage life-style. He is a reckless spender of money so he can never save any of it, though this summer he is picking up another job in order to try and save up for a bike to road-trip around the U.S.

– What are their biggest flaws: He’s rude, vulgar and doesn’t listen/care about what anyone else have to say. This adds up to him having a lot of “enemies” and not really having any public social skills. The only reason his boss has not fired him yet for his backtalk and general attitude is the fact that Rick’s dad is a major stock-holder of Big Burger and the boss is also terrified of firing Rick since he’s not sure what Rick will do to him.

– How do they deal with conflict: Loud and violently.

– Are they shy or outgoing: He’s outgoing to people he likes and doesn’t give a shit about other people.

– Active

– Do they love or hate who they are: He likes himself, but does like to destroy himself with alcohol and drugs.

– Do they have a sense of humour: A very dark one

– Are they confident around other people: He’s confident too much and always says whatever he wants (even if it’s just things said to piss people off). He likes to start public fights

– What are the power relationships in their lives: His relationship with his parents

– Do they lead or follow: He leads his own path

– What do material goods mean to them: He’s not into buying anything that’s not food, transport (bikes, cars, skateboards, etc.), booze, drugs, or clothes.

He Lives in California – saving up this summer for a motorbike
Then with bike he’s going on a road trip across the country and then finally going to drive to Canada to live and do part-time jobs out there
Worked at Big Burger since his freshmen year of high school, his father pulled in a favor for an old client (distributing job) and got Rick his job. Now Rick cannot get fired and uses this to his advantage by doing whatever he wants in his job and only working the night shifts so he can sleep all day and party all weekend